Non Serviam Amanita Citrina

Saluki, bitch
Born 10.05.2008
Owner: Anna-Kaarina Kallio
Location: Helsinki

FKC's Character Test +68 p. ~ VIDEO


Ina in Pawpeds-database

Ina ca 5,5 years

Photo: Hyde (photo on menu: Raija Lundström)

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Heart auscultation 04/11: no murmurs
TgAA-tested 04/11: TgAA-negative
Eye examination 01/12: Clear
Echocardiography + auscultation 07/14: no murmur, no symptoms of heart failure



alias Cesem, Seesami, Imuliina, Lunni, Pääsiäistipu, Pikkulintu, Iines-Pöö

From the moment she was born Ina has displayed heart wrenching cuteness. It began as the nose gained pigmentation and worsened as her eyes opened and the color of her muzzle lightened, which gave her an utterly indignant look. I would've wanted to keep her myself and knew that giving her away would be harder than with any other pup. Even my father's first comment was: "Tell her buyer that she vanished somewhere - we are taking her home with us."

Of the puppies Ina was the one whose ears were pulled as she cried unhappily. When she got the upperhand however she bullied her siblings just as proficiently. She didn't lack self-confidence, but waltzed through the fence into the adult dogs' run with her tail held high, and as she met new dogs there she flopped over on her side and continued nonchalantly on her way in a horizontal position. As if she was absolutely sure that these signals guaranteed her a safe passage anywhere.

Anna-Kaarina Kallio's Wallaby's Ptah Bassam, aka Pii, was the Saluki of my dreams in the beginning of the 21st century, when I still only dreamt of a Saluki of my own, and in the summer of 2001 I wanted to get a puppy from her to join Radda. Instead Ina moved in with Pii's daughter Uma in Klaukkala in July 2008.

Ina is beautiful, greedy and obstinate. Her audacity as a food thief is something astounding, and she does not bother to turn her head when she gets caught. I'm told she once got her head stuck in the extractor fan over the stove while looking for something edible. Ina is also surprisingly fast, as we saw on the Tuomarinkartano track at the Saluki Club's rehearsals, when Ina ran 480 meters just on the heels of her brother Zappa - unfortunately to try to get him to stop.

Ina has completed her solo run on the track and at the Hyvinkää unofficial rookie lure-course she came in third, but she still needs to rehearse running with a buddy. ~ Hyde


Pack Trial (Ajue) Results


11.10. 2014 Vilppula - 234 p. + 277 p. = 511 p., placed 1/18, CC ~ VIDEO AE - VIDEO FINAL

Lure-Coursing Results


10.03. 2012 Mustiala Winter Coursing - DISQ


14.08. 2010 Mustiala INT - 181 p. (placed 15/19) + DISQ

Show Results


08.06. 2013 Helsinki, SSAK Specialty - Lisa Hudson - OPEN EXC

09.06. 2013 Helsinki, Saluki Show - OPEN -


03.03. 2012 Kaarina G10 - Henrik Härling - OPEN VG

29.04. 2012 Lahti INT - Säde Hohteri - OPEN VG

09.06. 2012 Helsinki, SSAK Specialty - David R. Miller - OPEN EXC

10.06. 2012 Helsinki, Saluki Show - Molly Rule-Steele - OPEN -

01.09. 2012 Helsinki G10 - Anne Macdonald - OPEN EXC-2


11.07. 2010 Karjaa - Säde Hohteri - OPEN VG

17.07. 2010 Helsinki G10, Kartano Weekend - Björn Fritz - OPEN EXC

15.08. 2010 Mustiala, SVKL Club Show (unofficial) - Marianne Holm - OPEN-4 HP


06.06. 2009 Helsinki, SSAK Specialty - Meike De Haney - JUN VG

07.06. 2009 Helsinki, Saluki Show - Roberto Forsoni - JUN -

04.07. 2009 Tuusula - Regina Tromp Pruyn - JUN ERI-4

18.07. 2009 Helsinki G10, Kartano Weekend - Marie Bryce-Smith - JUN VG

23.08. 2009 Heinola - Saija Juutilainen - JUN VG-3

06.09. 2009 Vantaa - Seamus Oates - JUN EXC-2


30.11. 2008 Helsinki, puppy show - Eeva Resko - PUPPY -

Un-official lure-coursing results


04.10. 2009 Hyvinkää, Möllin Maastot - Youth Class (12 - 18 months) - 282 p., placed 3/10 ~ VIDEO

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