Non Serviam Anima Divina

Saluki, bitch
Born 10.05.2008
Red Sable
Heidi Lappalainen & Sanja Kuusela
Location: Hämeenlinna

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Photo: Tuija Tuominen (photo on menu: Sanja Kuusela)

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Heart auscultation 01/11: minor murmur
TgAA-tested 11/11: TgAA-negative
Eye examination 01/12: Distichiasis
Echocardiography + auscultation 02/11: minor murmur, grade 1/6, no symptoms of heart failure
Echocardiography + auscultation 01/12: no murmur, no symptoms of heart failure
Heart auscultation 05/13: no murmur


NON SERVIAM D-LITTER 03.07.2013, sired by Tazillah Omar Kamran



alias Hassis (+ Pössis), Hashbar, Floralp, Mäyrämi, Punapäänarsku, Pahkasika, Törisevä/Törinä, Kettutyttö, Äänten sekakäyttäjä, Hasi, Masi, Namikettu, Sokeritoukka, Simasuu, Hasina-Masina-Rusinarasia, Betoniporsas, Tryffelipossu, Kultakinkku, Susina, Metsmaasika, Hamina, Hamsteri, Chimichanga, Myrkkyapina, Natsininja, Hammy, Shammy-Dammy, Solid Gold Humvee, Hasander, Holopainen

Hasina is Death Proof. Hasina is Stuntman Mike. Hasina could be the inspiration for arias and haikus. Hasina is so heartbreakingly perfect in her imperfection.

If Hasina had a little more self-confidence, she would slaughter an army of lures and would get 600 points in every course. If need be she will dive for her prey, runs part of the way along her competitors flanks and crushes possible opposition with staggering sound waves. That's Hasina. Our Wimpy Wanda, who seems plagued by the question "What if..?"

Usually I like to find faults with my dogs, but in Hasina's case I don't bother. I give myself permission to be enchanted by her excellent qualities. Hasina is beautiful, strong, nice, extremely easy to handle, unbelievably agile, funny and eccentric. She has galaxies in her eyes and at best her movement is a joy to behold. She was housetrained by 4 months and was an incredibly promising racer up to a year old. Then Hasina wasn't sure anymore. About anything.

Hasina is a very wallet-friendly competitor. We stopped showing her too, when we realized that Salukis like Hasina haven't been in vogue for a long time. Hasina does agility occasionally for her own amusement, but otherwise mainly focuses on warming the couch and our hearts at home, where her beauty and acrobatic prowess get the appreciation they deserve. ~ Hyde

Hasina was born 6th, a moment before I was about to fetch Micaela to be the midwife - which we then did not need. A strong dark red girl with a black mask.

All rationales about waiting until the pups were at least 3 weeks until we chose our own were useless. I chose mine when poor Hasina was constipated on day four, and as I slept next to her rubbing her little tummy, I know that she was the one. Her tummy ache ended as abruptly as it had begun, in a few hours, and did not bother her after that.

Hasi-Masi was the first to actively begin climbing onto our laps, a wandering blind bundle that was determined to reach upward. Hasi and Kimble were a day or two ahead the other ones and were the first to open their eyes. As a puppy Masi distinguished herself vocally. Never before have I heard such odd sounds. I'll never forget the first time we washed Hasina and Kimble. Kimpula was stoic about the washing - as she is about everything else in her life - Hasina gurgled, yodeled and screeched ear splittingly. I wondered what would come of it.

By the time we began the first lure practices I was nearly despairing: Hasina was the least interested in tugging on the bait. Since then our Foxy Lady has displayed extraordinary enthusiasm toward the lure both on the track after the motorized lure, and in the field after the manual one, so hope is not lost after all. Hasina has decided to kill the lure by throwing herself upon it at full speed.

In the beginning of the 2009 competition season Hasina flashed her talents on the track - talents she utterly forgot during her heat in July. Her solo un for her licence was thwarted by this and we decided to wait for the following year and the hormonal swings to settle.

In 2010 Hasina took part in the Mother's Day lure-coursing competition, but was not in a mindset to run with a partner. She didn't have the nerve to pass the other dog, and not enough chasing instinct to make independent choices as to running lines, and only followed her partner in the finals. The result was a well-earned disqualification due to messing about. We braved racing trials at the end of May and to our slight surprise that has begun to go smoothly. Hasina completed her solo run at Tuomarinkartano by running 480 meters in 34,02 seconds.

Hasina's temeperament seems to depend on the phases of the moon. Normally she's the nicest dog in the world, who happily befriends almost anyone, but when in the throes of a false pregnancy she's a wuss, who would rather keep to herself in public and avoids larger dogs in particular. At home and on the road she is the easiest of companions and a happy tail wagger, with an eccentric (and annoying) way of yodeling when waiting to be fed.. ~ Sanja


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Lure-Coursing Results


04.08. 2012 Heinola - DISQ


09.05. 2010 Kankaanpää, Mother's Day Coursing - 243 p. + DISQ = 243 p., placed 9/14 ~ VIDEO

15.05. 2010 Turku - Did not participate

Show Results

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03.03. 2012 Kaarina G10 - Henrik Härling - OPEN EXC

29.04. 2012 Lahti INT - Säde Hohteri - OPEN EXC

09.06. 2012 Helsinki, SSAK Specialty - David R. Miller - OPEN EXC

10.06. 2012 Helsinki, Saluki Show - Molly Rule-Steele - OPEN -


11.07. 2010 Karjaa - Säde Hohteri - OPEN EXC-4

15.08. 2010 Mustiala, SVKL Club Show (unofficial) - Marianne Holm - OPEN-4, BB-4


28.02. 2009 Kaarina Group 10 - Maria Nordin - JUN VG

15.03. 2009 Tampere INT - Anette Bystrup - JUN - EXC-1

06.06. 2009 Helsinki, SSAK Specialty - Meike De Haney - JUN EXC

07.06. 2009 Helsinki, Saluki Show - Roberto Forsoni - JUN -

04.07. 2009 Tuusula - Regina Tromp Pruyn - JUN EXC-1

18.07. 2009 Helsinki G10, Kartano Weekend - Marie Bryce-Smith - JUN EXC-2

16.08 2009 Tammela G10, SVKL Specialty - Arne Foss - INT EXC-2

23.08. 2009 Heinola - Saija Juutilainen - INT VG-3

06.09. 2009 Vantaa - Seamus Oates - INT EXC-1

21.11. 2009 Jyväskylä INT - Ewa Stolarska - INT VG

Un-official lure-coursing results


04.10. 2009 Hyvinkää, Möllin Maastot - Youth Class (12 - 18 months) - 277 p., placed 5/10 ~ VIDEO

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