Mongrel, bitch, spayed
199? - 13.11.2013
Black masked sable
Origin: Estonia
Owner: Heidi Lappalainen

Rest in Space, my Love.

Lessi in September 5th 2009

Photo: Sanja Kuusela (photo on menu: Hyde)



alias Lestersson, (Hedelmä-)Esteri, Elävä maapähkinä, Perunakoira, Kotinatsi, Leipäkone, Karjakko, Keimukka, Öpö, Köpös, MC Aromipesä, Ulkoavaruusministeri, Siveyspoliisi, Ponttooni, Valmentaja, Spotpa, Skepsis, Hyökkäysvaunu, Ihmekoira, Terapiakoira

In 2001 I got a serious case of "second dog fever". I considered an Ibizan Hound, a Spanish Galgo or a Magyar Agar as well as second Saluki, but fate intervened.

When surfing the web looking at homeless Estonian dogs, Sanja came upon a black-masked, sandcoloured critter. We sent an inquiery about the dog and decided that if it was a bitch I would take it, while Sanja would take it if it was a male. Since it turned out to be a bitch of approximately two yeas of age, I began wearing down the resistance at home.

Miraculously I (again) got what I wanted. In early September I took the train to Helsinki to meet Lessi, who was arriving in Finland with someone who was bringing in another dog as well. In the terminal we ended up in quarantine, since the personnel did not recognize the dewormer our immigrants had received..

When we got out of quarantine I hurried to the train with my new family member. At this point it had already become clear that Lessi's temperament didn't quite fit the previously given description. The trip to Tampere was uneventful however, and from there we continued to Nakkila by car. Sanja brought Radda out into the yard, and to our surprise she made submissive gestures to the older bitch as best she could.

The first night was restless and Lessi continued to pressure Radda for almost a week, during which I did some crying and wondering if I'd made a mistake. Lessi was completely housebroken, healthy and had no trouble with separation, but her behavior toward Radda and other dogs was highly questionable. However, after the initial difficulties the girls came to an understanding and soon they were the best of friends.

I did get the trouble I'd asked for and ended up with two dogs that behaved badly on lead. Countless times I returned from our walks fuming, leads tight and nerves frayed. The last straw was a small mishap in the parking lot one night, when a cat ran out from under a car. As a result I limped for a week, couldn't run for a month, and walked the dogs separately for the next year.

On my 22nd birthday we took the dogs down to the Kokemäki river bank to run, and returned carrying a bleeding Lessi. She had apparently cut her left backleg below the hock on either ice or glass, which resulted in a deep wound and severed tendons. The wound was stitched together by the nearest vet and the paw ended up as one might imagine - with funny, splayed toes.

Lessi recovered quickly, limped a little on our first walk after she came to from the narcosis, but tried to bite when I attempted to carry her on the stairs. 6 months later Lessi won her class at the local sighthound club's unofficial lure-coursing competition, and has run and played completely normally since.The old girl is still, despite her age, very sporty and has surprising endurance. She may be slower than before, but her pioneer spirit and relentlessness are as strong as ever. Half a meter of snow is no obstacle for Lessi, merely a pleasant challenge.

Lessi's dislike of puppies made us seriously consider rehoming her to Kiuruvesi for her retirement. After she bit the 2 month old Hasina in the face, we sent Lessi north to rest her nerves for several months in the summer of 2008. There she managed to nip at the visiting Zappa and later Kimble as well, which led us to think that we'd not dare to take her back to live with us. Surprisingly Lessi accepted Ameena's puppies when they were over 6 months old and now is as sympathetic to them as she is to Ameena herself.

Lessi is extremely dear to me despite her sharp temperament. Life with her has been very educational. She also functions as an excellent therapy dog whenever the pure bred dog game gets too tiresome. Over the years Lessi has tried lure-coursing, racing and agility and has been to a few open shows. ~ Hyde

Love is a Dog from Hell. - Charles Bukowski

Lessi appreciates

Lessi hates

- buns and coffee with UFOs
- long hikes in the woods
- smoked fish
- the lure
- car rides and being in the car
- squeaky toys

- bitches!
- especially Dalmatians!
- mad rushing about (unless she's doing it)
- fur caps (except as lures)
- getting her nails trimmed
- puppies


Under construction..


Unofficial running results


2007 Tampere, Kauppi track - 280 m 24.48 s


23.7. 2006 Oulu, Mourunki track- 280 m 23.15 s


17.9. 2005 Noro sandpit - 84 p., placed 1/2 of "other breeds"


17.9. 2004 Oravikoski track - placed ?


5.10. 2002 Harjavalta - 149 p., placed 1/? of "big dogs"


21.10. 2001 Harjavalta - 138 p., placed 7/? of "other breeds"

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