Udatchnik Borzois

Borzoi, bitch
Born 5.12.2006
Black & brindle
Breeder: Evelyne & Ueli Kistler, Switzerland
Owner: Sanja Kuusela & Kristiina Ahola
Location: Kolho

TgAA-tested 11/09: TgAA-negative
DM-tested 09/10: Carrier

Ljubuska Udatchnik 3,5 years

Photo: Sanja Kuusela (photo on menu: -"-)



alias Luumupuska, Lupu, Lusmu, Luumu-Päärynä Kirsikkatomaatti, Nössö-Riitta II, Luumis, Lurzum/Burzum, Pikkuorava, Jättiläisluumu, Evill-Devill-Llama, Pikku-Aasi, Pulmu, Lupi-Lupi, Luru

At the end of 2003 - after Rutja joined our household - I continued dreaming about a Borzoi bitch. At the Harjavalta lure-coursing competition in 2002 I had seen a beautiful tricolour male, Jelnik Barzoi de Norois, whose image had stayed with me. I began looking for his relatives and immediatey found a photo gallery and history of the de Norois kennel on a Russian breeder's (Borzoi Romanovs) website. The pictures solidified my opinion - this was the kind of dog I wanted: An unassuming coat, beautiful sighthoundy lines and a strong function-based background. In one of the website's pictures were hounds bred by Udatchnik, that were said to be based on de Norois lines. A quick Google search later I had the breeder's contact info, but a month passed before I worked up the nerve to e-mail the breeder to ask what these hounds were really like.

From the beginning of 2005 Evelyne and I corresponded frequently, occasionally just to ask how the other was doing. Based on the pictures she sent me I especielly admired the black-masked tricolour bitch Udatchnik Gorinka (Ewgenij Udatchnik x Joloschka barzoi de Norois), and booked a puppy from her. Evelyne invited me to Switzerland for the Borzoi Specialty that autumn, but the trip was postponed to the following year. In September 2006 I packed my backpack and traveled, finally, to Switzerland to see the local Borzoi in general and Evelyne's in particular. I wrote an article about my trip for the Finnish Sighthound Association's publication.

While in Switzerland my puppy reservation was confirmed and upon arriving home I soon got word that Gorinka was in heat. On December 5th, 2006 at 10.30 am I got a call from Dutzishus: "Your girl has been born". A 9 month wait began. We agreed that I pick up Ljubushka from Switzerland in September 2007, so she could be entered in the Specialty, judged by the Russian breed expert and hunting trial judge Marina Orlowa.

In September 2007 Hyde and I traveled to Switzerland to see the country and our new dog. Luumu proved a smart, but very stubborn animal, who quickly picked up Finnish and her new name. Sitting on command is something the Udatchnik pack is familiar with, and lying down and shaking paws are new tricks she has picked up.

Luumu is happy, friendly and open. The intermittent shyness we saw initially was clearly a passing phase and due to the sheltered start she'd had in life, as now that she has settled in here she has proved to be anything but a wallflower. She doesn't vocalize much, but is so rambunctious that it's almost scary at times. Luumu is also not shy when it comes to meeting strange dogs. She is so brazen that some at first fear the large dog with her wagging tail. She's learned to walk on the leash like a pro. She's very interested in strange dogs, and convinced that though they may bark at first, they are probably nice deep down.

The plane ride home went well after the intial nausea of one who is not familar with air crates, and both dog and owner were very relieved when the plane landed in Finland. Luumu has acclimatized to her new home with ease, although the pack ignored her at first. In a few weeks Luumu had succeeded in charming Igor as well, and they have their own games together in the yard. But only when the others aren't there to watch.. Igor won't play when someone is looking. With Ameena Luumu runs in the field and on the beach a few times a week, and speed is inherent to these two. At home her best friend was Rutja, with whom she did wrestles daily, both outside and, to the chagrin of both Lessi and their owners, also indoors.

Rutja departure came suddenly in May 2008, a few weeks after Ameena's pups were born. Luumu was very interested in the puppies from the very beginning and cared for them whenever Ameena looked away. From this close relationship Hasina stayed with us and has done her part to fill the void of a playmate left by Rutja.

When Kimble returned home to us Luumu's family was whole. She still carefully cleans her "daughters'" eyes and ears, while they lie blissfully next to her.

We have not done much competing with Luumu. When she came to us she had never seen a lure and the first year passed with us awakening her impulse to chase it. Luumu has been to two lure-coursing competitions, but the results have not been especially convincing ;) I was already about to let the whole thing go, but to our surprise Luumu has done some promising trial runs on the track now at the ripe age of 3½ years. She may yet compete somewhere, or not. Shows aren't my thing, eventhough Luumu most likely wouldn't mind showing.

Lupi-Upi is a good dog, with a big heart, a sense of humor and lots of patience. A naturally obedient huntress, who from time to time strays off the path to greater adventures. ~ Sanja


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22.1. 2011 Turku INT - Cristophe Coppel - OPEN VG


17.7. 2010 Helsinki, R10 Kartano Weekend - Elvira V. Romanenkova - OPEN VG


7.6. 2008 Helsinki, Finnish Borzoi Club's speciality - Jelena Kruus - INT EH


15.9. 2007 Ueberstorf, Switzerland, Borzoi Speciality- Marina Orlowa - Very Promising, Puppy -2



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Smutjan Bonscher



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von Ochotnikov

Pochwal (Chmelnizki)

Darina von Ochotnikov


Skatchok de Norois

Udatcha de Norois

Barzoi de Norois

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Chmelnik de Kuskovo

Wjessna (Kowalev)

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