SSaKMM-10, SMM-10, TS-12,
PMM-13, PM-13

Sharraque Asvinn

Saluki, male
Born 18.07.2008
Gold with white markings
Breeder: Peter Funke
Hanna Järvinen & Arto Ojanperä
Location: Laukaa

Heart auscultation & echocardiography 08/11: no murmurs, no sign of heart failure
TgAA-tested 08/11: TgAA-negative
Eye examination 04/12: Clear

2 x CACIL (FI & SE)
1 x res-CACIL
4 x racing CC

European Coursing Championship #3 in 2010

Finnish Saluki Club's
Lure-Coursing Champion 2010

Finnish Lure-Coursing Championship #1 in 2010

Noa in Pawpeds database

Noa 2 years 9 months

Photo: Arto Ojanperä (photo on menu: Marko Heinonen)



alias Boa, Noukka, Poukka, Öllöpylly, Pormestari, Ukko-Noa, Nossi-Nosturi, Kermakaramelli, Nopsajalkainen, Noa-Notkea, Hurrri, Svenssoni, Nättipoika, Vöyhötin, Joa, Blondipojke, Norja, Nuohooja, Nolo ja Rähjä, Nokkonen, Nokiotta, Noel Gallagher, Snorkkeli, Nöösi

In May 2008 when our A-litter had seen the light (no doubt still through somewhat foggy lenses), we had interesting news from Sweden. Shadri Binti had been mated with the German resident Maymouna's Kamaleddin Kadyn. We followed the situation as much as we could with pups of our own and the wait was over when Binti gave birth to the first Sharraque litter on July 18: 3+3 pups.

I immediately fell for the golden boy with white markings and remember saying: "Let's import him either way, if no one will take him, I'll keep him myself." So we booked the pup. This of course is the way it should be done - without meeting the parents or seeing the litter except for pictures - and based on color no less. But anyway..

We mentioned our dilemma to our friend Hanna, who was immediately interested. After the requisite motions it became certain that Sharraque Asvinn would indeed move to Finland to live with Hanna, Dali and the Magyar Agar Feri in Jyväskylä. We realized that two pups could be brought over as easily as one and so Johanna (kennel Azarang) and Laura-Elina (Larelinan) booked a bitch, Sharraque Valkyria.

Noa is a fine little man. Sweet, so very sweet. Noa has attitude to spare and charms everyone he meets, negotiating his way through life by virtue of his self-confidence and unwavering determination. Sometimes he seems like the lightcolored boy expected from Ameena, who just happened to be born from another combination and in another country.

At any rate I am happy with our import and almost as anxious about his coming competitions as those of my own dogs. Almost - if I was as anxious, I'd keel over. ~ Sanja


The spiritual gap between Dali and Feri seemed to have grown to the max and although they got along well, Dali was still lonely. Feri's company was not enough for the lonely Saluki. There were not enough pups for me to have one in the lovely Ameena's litter and I was very disappointed.

I bemoaned this for a time, until Hyde and Sanja began talking to me about kennel Sharraque's plans. Kalle's (Maymouna's Kamaleddin Kadyn) eagle eyes haunted my dreams and when the pups at last were born, I made my decision almost immediately upon admiring the little golden boy we had dubbed Little Kalle. Without having been in contact with the breeder, relying only on Hyde's and Sanja's asessment of the litter's parents, pedigree and the pup itself, I decided that this identical copy of Kalle would indeed come to Finland to join my boys, particularly Dali, and brighten my days.

When visiting the breeder it all began to seem unreal. The golden armadillo, christened Asvinn, did everything in his power to get our attention. He crawled into my lap, pushed his siblings away from me, stared into my eyes and didn't let go of my sleeve with his teeth. He had chosen me, and I didn't have much time to handle the other pups. We sat in the breeder's kitchen late into the night swapping thoughts and opinions and already I felt a strong connection to Peter. Later I came to see that he was the most forthright and genuine person one could hope to get with buying a puppy.

Peter had hoped to keep the Golden Boy, but since all signs from the beginning pointed to that his destiny lay in Finland, he did not even suggest another puppy to us. Still reeling from this show of faith in us we carried two whimpering puppies to the crate in the back of our car, said goodbye to Peter and the dogs and, still bewildered, drove toward Stockholm.

On the boat on our way home, Sanja and I were amazed by Noa's determination. With one voice we said that in the wrong hands he had the potential to be a problematic pet. He made a great show of wanting to leave the cabin's bathroom and when we returned from dinner the siblings had managed to work their way out of that small space and calmly greeted us. It was as if they assumed that we had forgotten having locked them in the bathroom. Noa commanded his space even then. If not by violence, then by force. He heaved himself onto the bed and crawled into the exact spot he preferred. He clambered over and under people and heaps of belongings or kicked obstacles out of his way.

Having been in his new home for less than an hour and greeted his big brothers cheerfully, he persistently screamed behind the kitchen gate until he realized that by flattening himself on the floor he could pull himself underneath the gate and to freedom. After a moment's silence I was sure the pup had fallen asleep, but instead he calmly padded into the livingroom to see what we were eating. Startled I carried the pup back into the kitchen, and he repeated the feat. Noa felt that gates were only minor inconveniences to navigate on his way into the world.

As a puppy Noa was an enterprising young man, who often managed to get himself into potentially dangerous situations. Once he got so tangled in wire that he was unable to move. I was not previously sufficiently aware of the toxicity of shoe polish and oil based paint, so Noa tried both. Noa soon realized that his size and build enabled him to move about almost unhindered, and soon showed that he'd go anywhere because he could.

None of my other two dogs had jumped on tables before, but Noa did. Not just on tables, but also window sills, and slept on the back rest of the couch. He did breast strokes under the bed, pushed his way into crammed spaces like a cat and hid in the broom cupboard. Noa taught Dali to accept intimacy, because Noa did not recognize the borders of his personal bubble and insisted on sleeping near him. Preferably on top of him.

Noa also displayed general audacity by biting a hole in Feri's ear and that same night curling up to sleep next to him, making no apologies. (Noa never slept in the kitchen unless that time with Feri, who slept there only because after being bitten he wanted to be as far as possible from that fickle wolf in sheep's clothing.) Another example of Noa's audacity and self-sufficiency was that on his first morning here he drove Dali from his food dish and proceeded to feast on big boy food.

Noa is socially talented. If he were human, he'd be a dashing male lead actor in the spotlight on the red carpet. He owns any space he enters without problems and sneakily worms his way into the hearts of men and women alike, charming all. He has enough audacity to stand his ground, and is ashamed of nothing.

Noa clearly and loudly expresses his opinions and firmly stands behind his views, budging for no man. Noa talks a lot and greets all familiar people and dogs by cheerfully barking in an enthusiastic position, butt up and with a mischievous expression. Not a day goes by without Noa having his say. Strangers Noa greets enthusiastically, but ignores boring people.

Noa is a happy go lucky boy who radiates joy and good cheer and his funny ears alone makes people forget their woes. Despite his antics Noa is an easy and harmless pet, who is never in the way. He is a pleasant traveling companion because he fears nothing new, trusts people and settles into new places without a fuss.

I await Noa's career with a mixture of trepidation and elation. Noa seems an efficient runner who turns very well, and has plenty of prey drive. Despite this I am already nervous and not sure how to curb it.

Noa brought with him all I expected and more. His presence eases Dali's loneliness and he is in all respects pretty much exactly what I expect from a Saluki. He has gotten people who dislike Salukis to adore him by putting his best foot forward. Noa is a little devil, the biggest diamond in the treasure trove, sunshine on a rainy day and a whining thing who makes noise just for the joy of the protest. And we in our family love him immeasurably. Noa is the best saluki in the world. ~ Hanna



Lure-Coursing Results


05.05. 2012 Iitti, Suomi-Cup - 222 p. + 184 p. = 406 p., placed 4/7, CQ


07.05. 2011 Ylistaro, Suomi-Cup - 252 p. + 260 p. = 512 p., placed 2/8, CC -> FI SE LC CH ~ VIDEO

14.05. 2011 Lieto - 221 p. + 248 p. = 469 p., placed 7/18, CQ

22.05. 2011 Jyväskylä, Derby - 252 p. + 227 p. = 479 p., placed 5/9, CQ

09.07. 2011 Tampere INT, Nordic Championship - 174 p. + 230 p. = 404 p., placed 9/14, CQ

20.08. 2011 Mustiala INT - 239 p. + 235 p. = 474 p., placed 8/17, CQ

28.08. 2011 Helsinki, Finnish Lure-Coursing Championship - 233 p. + 223 p. = 456 p., placed 6/12, CQ


Finnish Saluki Club's Lure-Courser of the Year 2010
Finnish Saluki Club's Lure-Courser Newcomer of the Year 2010

27.02. 2010 Mustiala, Winter Coursing - 197 p., placed 10/17 ~ VIDEO

09.05. 2010 Kankaanpää, Mother's Day Coursing - 240 p. + 253 p. = 493 p., placed 2/16, CC ~ VIDEO

15.05. 2010 Lieto - 211 p. + 245 p. = 456 p., placed 3/18, CC ~ VIDEO

20.06. 2010 Mustiala, Finnish Saluki Club's L-C Championship - 268 p. + 257 p. = 525 p., placed 1/20, CC, SSAK's Lure-Coursing Champion 2010 ~ VIDEO

24.07. 2010 Chardonnay, France, European Championship - 249 p. + 275 p. = 524 p., placed 3/47, res-CACIL, European Coursing Championship bronze

03.08. 2010 Norberg, Sweden - 89,25 p. placed 1/37, CC, CACIL

21.08. 2010 Jyväskylä, Finnish Lure-Coursing Championship - 259 p. + 258 p. = 519 p., placed 1/15, CC, SMM-10

29.08. 2010 Jyväskylä INT - 232 p. + 237 p. = 469 p., placed 1/10, CQ, CACIL ~ VIDEO

25.09. 2010 Helsinki, Tuomarinkartano - 251 p. + 255 p. = 506 p., placed 1/24, CQ ~ VIDEO

16.10. 2010 Hailuoto - 248 p. + 238 p. = 486 p., placed 2/9, CQ ~ VIDEO

Track Racing Results


17.05. 2012 Hyvinkää - 680 m 49.52 s, placed 3/4 ~ VIDEO

06.06. 2012 Helsinki, Finnish Saluki Club's Racing Championship - 480 m 33.62 s, CC placed 2/4

09.06. 2012 Hyvinkää, Tähtisprintteri 2012 - AE 280 m 19.86 s, placed 1/2 - FIN 280 m 19.79 s, placed 1/2, TS-12



29.05. 2011 Hyvinkää, Finnish Saluki Club's Racing Championship
1. 480 m 33.45 s - placed 1/3, CC ~ VIDEO - 2. 480 m 33.89 s - placed 2/4 ~ VIDEO

02.06. 2011 Tampere - 480 m 33.79 s - placed 1/3, CC

30.07. 2011 Hyvinkää, Derby - 1. 480 m 33.57 s, CC - placed 2/5 - 2. 480 m 34.91 s, placed 2/5

06.08. 2011 Tampere INT, Nordic Championship
1. 480 m 33.54 s, placed 3/5 - 2. 480 m 33.50 s, placed 2/5 ~ VIDEO

13.08. 2011 Helsinki, Finnish Racing Championship 2011 -

11.09. 2011 Tampere - 680 m 47.95 s, Track Record, placed 1/2 ~ VIDEO


12.09. 2010 Tampere - 480 m 34.15 s - placed. 1/3

02.10. 2010 Helsinki - 480 m 34.10 s - placed 1/4 ~ VIDEO

Show Results


10.04. 2011 Vaasa INT - Gerry Hickey - OPEN VG ~ VIDEO


14.11. 2010 Jyväskylä INT - Philippe Gallardo - OPEN G ~ VIDEO


28.02. 2009 Kaarina G10- Maria Nordin - 1 HP - BOB-PUPPY

15.03. 2009 Tampere INT - Anette Bystrup - 1 HP - BOB-PUPPY

16.05. 2009 Varkaus - Petru Muntean - JUN VG

07.06. 2009 Helsinki, Saluki Show - Roberto Forsoni - JUN -

18.07. 2009 Helsinki G10, Kartano Weekend - Marie Bryce-Smith - JUN G ~ VIDEO

21.11. 2009 Jyväskylä INT - Ewa Stolarska - JUN G



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Bash Kadyn

Mamnouna's Arshadd

Delsadi al Safi


Amir al Sulaimaniya
Imp. Irak

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Imp. Iran

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