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Borzoi, male
FI60963/10, RKF 2756503
Born 11.6.2010
Sable & white (grizzle parti)
Breeder: Tatyana Akimova, Russia
Owners: Erja & Joni Vehkasalo,
Sanja Kuusela
Location: Heinola

Echocardiography 12/11: murmur,
no symptoms of heart failure
Eye examination 11/11: Clear

Sevastian 21 months

Photo: Tarja Mäkinen (photo on menu: Sanja Kuusela)



alias Sevanaattori, Seva Sakuna, Pontus, Severi, Sepetius, Jalmari-Kalmari, Seppo, Sepi

The dog that wasn't supposed to be. His breed, sex and the timing were not in any way planned. I hoped that I would once again get a Borzoi male, if a suitable one was born some time in the far future.

Thus the phone call I had with Luumu's breeder Evelyne - after not talking for 6 months - one night in August was somewhat surprising. After some quick catching up Evelyne said that she had heard that I had lost Igor in the spring and in the same breath said she had reserved four puppies from a Borzoi litter born in Russia. One of the males would be mine. I was taken aback. I quickly tried to think of ways to politely decline. Evelyne interrupted my train of thought and asked me to take a look at the pictures of the pups and their parents and then decide.

Hyde and I went online to look at them and right away a grizzle-white male caught my attention and we noted that he was incredibly beautiful for a Borzoi pup. Sevastian charmed us at once with his expression. Unfortunately said puppy was spoken for. Fate or chance stepped in and two days later I got a message saying that Sevastian was not going to Corinne in Switzerland, but that she would take the bl/tan male, so I could have Sevastian if I wanted. At that point declining was out of the question. The puppy would be coming to us.

The importation process was a familiar one from years gone by, only this time I decided to fetch the puppy myself to Finland by train. Despite my nervousness and the nightmarish traffic in Moscow the trip went well and I arrived back in Lahti as planned on October 10th, 2010 with two puppies. Accompanying us was Sevas sister, Skatiya, who was supposed to move to her new home (and country) later.

At the train station Seva was anxious. Since then he hasn't been bothered by much, now that the collar is not a new and awful thing. He settled in with us easily and the siblings have joined our walks, forest runs, Saluki games and car rides without problems. I had expected Luumu to be interested in the puppies, but she seems not to give a damn and only acknowledges them with a lazy wag of the tail and letting them jump on her without reacting to them in any way.

Seva became quite stressed when we moved to Suodenniemi and Hasina's heat did not help at all. He had used to spend his days outside on our yard and now he was forced to stay inside which made him restless and unhappy.

He has shared his life with 5 other borzoi males since November 2011 when he moved to Erja and Joni. Solution that made us all happier.

Seva. I couldn't think of a name for him. Severnation, a happy, solid hairy thang. Nowdays also known as Seppo ~ Sanja


Sevastian lure-coursing May 2012

Photo: Sakari Lampola

Lure-Coursing Results


11.03.2012 Mustiala, Winter Coursing - 212p. + 245 p. = 457 p., placed 5/13, CQ

06.05.2012 Iitti - 223 p, placed 3/6

14.05.2012 Lieto - 237 p. + 248 p. = 485 p., placed 1/10, CC

21.07.2012 Hyvinkää - 227 p. + 215 p. = 442 p., placed 3/15, CQ

29.07.2012 Mikkeli - 225 p. + 209 p. = 434 p., placed 2/13, CC

Track Racing Results


27.05.2012 Hyvinkää - 480 m - 35.53 s - placed 2/5

06.06.2012 Helsinki - 480 m - 34.73 s - placed 1/2 CC

09.06.2012 Hyvinkää, TS-12 - 280m - preliminary heat - 20.86 s - placed 2/3 - Final- 20.83 s - placed 2/5 VIDEO

17.06.2012 Tampere, Borzoi Club's racing championship - 480 m - 35.71 s - placed 2/5 ~ BOS Racing Champion

22.06.2012 Oulu - 480m - 35.40 s - placed 2/3 - VIDEO

23.06.2012 Oulu - 480m - 35.20 s - placed 2/3, CC

14.07.2012 Helsinki - 480 m - 35.54 s - placed 2/2

23.07.2012 Helsinki - 480 m - 35.33 s - placed 1/2

Show Results


28.07.2012 Valkeakoski, Borzoi club's speciality show - Wieslawa Misterka - OPEN EXC


27.11. 2010 Tampere (puppy show) - Harto Stockmari - 5 - 7 months - 1, HP, BOB-puppy

"Masculine overall, long noble head. Good neck. Normally developed body. Breed-typical angulations. High tail. Pleasant behaviour. Still very puppy-like movement."


Sire: Russkaja Volnitsa Mulat

Dam: Klementina iz Krilatoi Legendy


Russkaja Volnitsa



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