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Sloughis in Finland


The very first Sloughi in Finland was a bitch Bou-Manjineni (sire Algerian Shab Ben Eldjazaer and dam Algerian Richa Talata), imported by Aili Porvali (Of Golden West kennel) from Gudrun Boulechfar-Hamadeh in Sweden . Bou-Manjineni had two litters; first in 1972 with Fin&S Ch Serdouk (imported 1971). This litter produced 4 puppies,of Golden-West Abdul, Ahmed, Azzaba and Ayana.


The second litter was in 1973 with Nord Ch Quargla-Etnen (imported also from Sweden in 1971), and produced three puppies, of Golden-West Baikar, Behet and Birka.


Later, Int&Nord Ch FW-75, -79 of Golden-West Ahmed and Birka had one puppy, Cleopatra of Golden-West, which became a champion by accident, since she was white with gold marks! It's a pity I haven't seen a picture of her.


Ahmed of Golden-West was the most succesful show Sloughi in Finland during the 70's. Birka is the mother of the Golden-West C,- F- and G-litters. Behet is the mother of the Golden West D-litter(Ahmed as the father).


By 1978 there were 9 litters and 61 registrations. Seven litters were bred by Mrs Aili Porvali, one by Mrs Hellin Hyökki (in 1975, sire Ahmed and dam FW-74 Ayana) and one by Mrs Ansa Tapaninen (in 1975, sire Ahmed, dam Azzaba).


Litters were combinations of the Golden West A- and B-litters, so they were very closely related. From Ahmed's second litter with Birka, three puppies were exported to Sweden (Ghagai, Ghiras and Gilda) and one puppy to Norway(Ghandour). From the D-litter with Behet, Desirate and Debrazza were exported to Norway. Desirate has also had litter with Ahmed.


During the 70's the Sloughis were shown in dog shows and practised at race tracks, but somehow the interest in sloughis died after the 1970's.


After a decade, Pia and Hannu Puomila imported a sand bitch Tiri Schuru-Esch-Schams "Tiri" from Germany in 1991 and later a sand male Usdan Schuru-Esch-Schams "Kustaa" at the beginning of 1992.


Jaana Hyväri imported a sand bitch El Sissa Min Darazzja Loewwla from Holland at the end of 1992. In 1992 Usdan was BIS-3 puppy in an all breed dog show. He was also the first and by now the only sloughi in Finland to have a track racing licence. He was supposed to race at the race track World Championships which were held in Finland in 1994, but he was the only Sloughi to take part in it, so he raced alone without official result, just to show the breed. Pia and Hannu were quite disappointed, because they had practised Kustaa a lot and were hoping to get real competition and people to see beautiful racing Sloughis. In 1994, El Sissa was Group-3 and Kustaa got a Group 4-placement.


In 1995, Tiri and Usdan had a litter (the of Golden-West H-litter) of ten puppies, Haddam, Hakim, Hannah, Hamir, Hannibal, Harlem, Hassan, Habana, Hadina, and Havannah! All of them were sand colored with black masks. From this litter, Habana, Harlem, Hassan and Hannibal have passed away. In 1995 Kustaa won a Group 2-placement and Hakim was BIS-3 puppy in an all breed puppy show. In 1996 Group 2-, 3- and 4-placements went to Hakim.


Usdan also had a litter with Arhib's Asiir Bintu Hadjib(Tillieville kennel in Sweden) in 1997. From this litter a sand bitch Tillieville Zim Salabim was imported to Finland, she has one show certificate, but hasn't been shown since. In 1997, Hamir got Group 3-, Hannah Group 5- and Hakim Group 3-placements.

In 1999, the next import was a red/black brindle bitch, Hulkah Shi'Rayan, owned by Pia and Hannu Puomila(La'jahibbu) . She came from the USA Shi'Rayan kennel. Hulkah has been Group-3.


To my delight, Int&Fin&S&N&Est Ch EstW-96, FW-99 of Golden-West Hannah was artificially inseminated to brindle Am Ch Ghali Shi'Rayan. Nine puppies were born in May 1999 in Sweden (Syringa kennel) and from this litter, Syringa Heritage "Jesse" and Harmony "Hertha" were imported to Finland. Harmony is the first Sloughi in Finland to have obtained a lure coursing certificate in 2002. She is also the lure coursing Derby Winner 2002. She has to obtain 2 more certificates to become lure coursing champion. Hopefully it will happen this summer.


In 1999 Hertha was Group-4 in an all breed puppy show. In 2000, Jesse got his Group-5 placement. In 2002, Jesse and Hertha got BIS 1-brace placement at the Helsinki Sighthound Club's annual show.

In 2001 Tarja Matikainen(Elegantin kennel) imported a sand bitch Jaraa Shi'Rayan from the USA. Jaraa is the first Sloughi in Finland to have obtained a Coursing Champion-title. Jaraa has several Group-placements.


A second artificial insemination was made in 2001, when Pia Puomila and Anna-Mari Rönkkö decided to mate Int&Fin&S&Est Ch, FW-00 Hulkah Shi'Rayan with Ghali Shi'Rayan. Red/black brindles La'jahibbu Asil, Asal and Ajmah were born in April 2001. Asil and Ajmah have 2 show certificates, and Asil has been practising at race track.


In 2002 Janne Reinikka imported a sand male Firuz Schuru-Esch-Schams from Germany. Firuz has at least one certificate and cacib.


Probably the most successful Sloughis until now (2004) have been Usdan Schuru-Esch-Schams, of Golden-West Hamir and Hakim, Syringa Heritage and Jaraa Shi'Rayan. They have also visited showrings the most. I really hope that this lovely breed will get more admirers in years to come in Finland.

About the sloughis:


Tiri Schuru-Esch-Schams (Badawi Schuru-Esch-Schams/Chalila Schuru-Esch-Schams) (1991-2004). Breeder: Ingeborg&Echard Schritt, Germany. Owner: Pia ja Hannu Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

Usdan Schuru-Esch-Schams (Al Azhar el Tahiri/Es-Sa'ida Schuru-Esch-Schams). Born: 26.9.91. Breeder: E&I Schritt, Germany. Owner: Pia ja Hannu Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

El Sissa Min Darazja Loewwla (Bahar Min Darazja Loewwla/Shabba Salit Nuri Al Baida). Born: 21.7.92. Breeder: Sonja V.Rij-V. Baarle, Holland. Owner: Jaana ja Pia Hyväri, Otalampi, Finland.

Of Golden-West H- litters: Havannah, Hannah, Habana, Haddam, Hadina, Hassan, Hamir, Hannibal, Harlem, Hakim (Usdan Schuru-Esch-Schams/Tiri Schuru-Esch-Schams). Born: 30.5.95. Breeder: Aili Porvali, Hyvinkää, Finland. Owners (years of birth and death in brackets):

Havannah. Born: 30.5.95. Owner: Jaana& Pia Hyväri, Otalampi, Finland.

Habana (1995- 2003). Owner: Outi Lindroos, Mustiala, Finland.

Hannah. Born: 30.5.95. Owner: Pia Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

Harlem (1995- 2003). Owner: Pia Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

Hamir. Born: 30.5.95. Owner: Pia Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

Haddam. Born: 30.5.95. Owner: Pia Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

Hakim. Born: 30.5.95. Owner: Ida Laatu, Raisio, Finland.

Hadina (1995-2005). Owner: Soile ja Tapio Mäntylä, Imatra, Finland.

Hannibal (1995- 1998). Owner: Soile ja Tapio Mänlä, Imatra, Finland.

Hassan (1995- 2001). Owner: Kalevi Vuorenranta, Tammela, Finland.

Tillieville Zim Salabim (Usdan Schuru-Esch-Schams/ Arhib`s Asiir Bintu Habjib). Born: 29.12.96. Owner: Eskola& Rantanen, Kouvola, Finland.

Hulkah Shi'Rayan (Bassel Shi'Rayan/Dalal Shi'Rayan) Born: 27.8.1998. Breeder: Dominique Crapon de Caprona, USA. Owner: Pia Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

Syringa Harmony ja Syringa Heritage (Ghali Shi'Rayan/of Golden-West Hannah). Born: 15.5.99. Breeder: Eva&Anders Hildorsson, Sweden.

Harmony. Owner: Anna-Mari Rönkkö, Vantaa, Finland.Picture: Johanna Hellgren.

Heritage. Owner: Päivi Nurmi, Riihimäki, Finland.

Jaraa Shi'Rayan (Fa'iq Shi'Rayan/Ramla). 2.11.2000- 2.11.2000-2005. Breeder: Dominique Crapon de Caprona, USA. Owner: Tarja Matikainen, Vantaa, Finland.

(Picture missing) Firuz Schuru-Esch-Schams (Pandit Schuru-Esch-Schams/Zaya Schuru-Esch-Schams). Born: 16.1.2002. Breeder: I&E Schritt, Germany. Owner: Janne Reinikka, Kokemäki, Finland.

La`jahibbu Ajmah (Ghali Shi`Rayan/Hulkah Shi`Rayan). Born: 20.3.2002. Breeder and owner: Päivi Tuuva, Taipalsaari, Finland.

La`jahibbu Asal (Ghali Shi`Rayan/Hulkah Shi`Rayan). Born: 20.3.2002. Breeder and owner: Pia Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

La`jahibbu Asil (Ghali Shi`Rayan/Hulkah Shi`Rayan). Born: 20.3.2002. Breeder and owner: Pia Puomila ja A-M Rönkkö, Vihti, Finland.

(Picture missing) Al Suwiid Aylin Djadhaba (Tillieville Zalute/Rahina el Bahia de la site du Guerrier). Born 13.3.2004. Breeder Tiina Wallgren, Sweden. Owner Pia Puomila, Vihti, Finland.

Ain Zafir Alaq (Alto Kaheela de Moreau/Twisty Marsh Jadita). Born: 26.5.2005. Breeder: Line Urke, Norway. Owner: Tarja Matikainen, Helsinki, Finland.

Ain Zafir Amir (Alto Kaheela de Moreau/Twisty Marsh Jadita).Born: 26.5.2005. Breeder: Line Urke, Norway. Owner: Petri Kallunki, Espoo, Finland.

Moulay el Mehdi al Waahid (Hashim Schuru-Esch-Schams/Uadi-el-Djemilla de la cité du Guerrier). Born: 14.6.2006. Breeder: Kjellåke Bjurström, Sweden. Ownwer: Niina Salonpää, Kokkola, Finland.

Tillieville Xiam Ehz (volkan Schuru-Esch-Schams/Tillieville Yannis). Synt. 12.4.2006. Kasv. Ingela Näslund. Om. Päivi Nurmi, Hikiä.