Porvoo - 9.9.2007


Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland


Vantaa - 2.9.2007


Judge: Marianne Baden, Denmark


Tervakoski INT - 25.8.2007


Judge: Jukka Kuusisto, Finland


Tallinna INT - 18.8.2007


Judge: Vija Klucniece, Latvia


Joensuu INT - 12.8.2007


Judge: Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland


"Good proportions, size and bone. Gender type clear. Correct head planes. Large well set ears. Good eyes. Long neck of good posture. Good topline, croup and tail. Sufficient depth of body. Well angulated from front and rear. Sufficient front angulations. Moves with good length of step."


*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB2 CC RES-CACIB


Vantaa - 29.7.2007


Judge: Susan Badick, Canada


"Nice proportions. Good head and ears. Loose in front and topline slightly roachy on the move."


*Intermediate class Very good 1st



Mustiala, Farkkushow 2007 - 8.7.2007


Judge: Anna Larsson, Sweden


"A nice, feminine intermediate bitch with a beautiful head and expression. Good shouders and upper arm. Good ribcage and a strong back. Good croup and tailset. Fine hind angulations. Lovely colour and white tail tip. In very good condition. Lovely movements, a bit wide in front."


*Intermediate class 1st HP BIS-intermediate pharaoh


Karjaa INT - 1.7.2007


Judge: Elina Tan-Hietalahti, Finland


"Feminine, pleasing temperament. Good head profile and expression. Large good ears. Noble. Could have a bit more body, better forechest. Slightly thin thigh, good tail. Front movements a bit wide. Good temperament and showing."


*Intermediate class very good 1st


Kotka INT - 17.6.2007


Judge: Kirsti Louhi, Finland


"Beautiful expressioned young lady with a good head, correct bite, good eyes and good large well set ears. Good neck. When standing the topline isn't totally correct but it settles in the movement. Tail carried excellently in movement. Good croup. Hind angulations could be better. Dog moves typical to the breed."


*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB1 BOB CC CACIB


Hämeenlinna - 16.6.2007


Judge: Britt Schone Brodwall, Norway


"A really promising young lady. Beautiful head with correct ears. Well angulated. Nice topline. Well developed body. Very typical movement from all sides. Correct coat, nice temperament."


*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB2 CC


Tallinn, Estonian Winner 2007 INT - 3.6.2007


Judge: Donovan Thompson, USA


"Pretty bitch. Good topline. Carries tail a little too high. Good bone. Good underjaw. Good temperament."


*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB3 RES-CACIB


Tallinn Group show - 2.6.2007


Judge: Raisa Savander, Finland


"Excellent proportions. Beautiful head, good eyes and bite. Ears could be larger. Excellent neck and front, spacious ribcage. Good loin, croup, beautifully angulated rear. Good feet. Good tail with a white tail tip. Moves beautifully. Good skin, coat."


*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB1 CC BOB


Helsinki Aptus INT - 20.5.2007


Judge: Tuula Savolainen, Finland


"17 month old young bitch. Excellent type. Good proportions. Beautiful head and expression. Good ears. Good neck and topline. Good rear, well angulated front. Good feet. Moves very well throughout. Well presented."


*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB4 RES-CC RES-CACIB


Lahti INT - 29.4.2007


Judge: Saija Juutilainen, Finland


"16 months. Very balancefully developed, pleasing both in proportions and gender type, well boned and bodied young bitch with a beautiful featured and expressioned head. Beautiful large ears. Excellent forechest. Good angulations and paws. Beautiful color and white tail tip. Movements to and fro could still stabilise, moves well from the side carrying her tail beautifully. Shows and handled presentably."


*Intermediate class excellent 1st



Lappeenranta - 8.4.2007


Judge: Leni Nousiainen, Finland


"Sufficient proportions. Suitable bone structure. Good muzzle. A hint too deep skull. Fairly small eyes. Good ears. Beautiful neck and topline. Good chest. Right-shaped ribcage. Angulations could be a bit stronger. Good feet. Excellent lenght of step."


*Intermediate class excellent BB2 CC


Tampere INT - 24.3.2007


Judge: Jean Luis Brassat Lapeyriere, France


"Beautiful subject. Excellent type. Excellent head and ears. Excellent topline. Excellent angulations, chest, feet. Excellent movements to-and-fro and from the side."


*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB3 CC



Turku INT - 28.1.2007


Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland


"Stylish junior bitch. Excellent head and expression. Fine large ears. Stylish neck. The shoulder could be a bit more sloping. Excellent body and topline. Correctly angulated rear. Moves a bit carelessly in the front, stylish on the side."


*Junior class excellent 1st


Winner 2006 INT - 10.12.2006


Judge: Espen Engh, Norway


"10 (12) months. Feminine, very pleasing proportions. Very pleasing head shape but prefer more underjaw and less wrinkle. Excellent ears. Very good neck. Balanced front angulations. Rather angular in outline with prominent hipbones, would prefer some more smoothness. Tends to drop off over the croup. Excellent color and white tip of tail. Needs to improve a lot coming and going, moves very well from the side."


*Junior class very good 3rd


Jyväskylä INT - 18.11.2006


Judge: Cristian Vantu, Romania


"Very nice expression. Good proportions. Good ribcage, front, topline. Very good angulations. Moves well."


*Junior class excellent 1st CC BOB junior


Hyvinkää -17.9.2006


Judge: Maija Mäkinen, Finland


"9 months old young bitch. Good proportions and feminine. Good head and expression. Good ears, eyes and bite. Good neck. Body totally in the middle of developing and therefore arches her back at the moment. Front could be better angulated in relation to the rear. Suitable bone structure. Good feet. Good tail. Moves with good step but still narrow both front and back. Charming temperament. Needs time."


*Junior class Very good 1st



Porvoo - 10.9.2006


Judge: Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland


"Good-sized, strong boned beautiful feminine bitch. Good head shape, large good ears, good expression, good neck. Back could be straighter. Good tail, good depth of body, good rear and side movements, good front movements."


*Junior class excellent 1st BB2 CC BOB-JUNIOR


Helsinki - 3.9.2006


Judge: Torbjörn Skaar, Sweden


"Well balanced junior bitch with a beautiful feminine head, well carried ears, good neck, straight upper arm, good rear angulations, excellent body and bone structure for age. Well handled."


*Junior class excellent 1st RES-CC BOB-JUNIOR BIS3-JUNIOR


Mikkeli INT - 30.7.2006


Judge: Raouli Kantzou, Greece


"Nice puppy. Correct head and neck. Would like slightly better topline, specially in movement. Correct tail, limbs. Free movement."


*Puppy class 1st, HP, BOS puppy


Helsinki - 16.7.2006


Judge: Antti Aarnio, Finland


"Expressive bitch puppy typical for the breed with breedlike proportions and structure. Shows and moves well."


*Puppy class 1st, HP, BOB puppy


Tammela, group show - 2.7.2006


Judge: Garry Newton, USA


"Very good outline. Excellent head and mouth. Very good topline. Excellent underline. Very good angulation. Smooth, effortless movement. Temperament typical of young sighthound."


*Puppy class 1st, HP, BOB puppy


Tammela, Finnish Sighthound club´s specialty show- 1.7.2006


Judge: Margaret Martin, Ireland


"Very nice shape and outline. Correct head. Good eyes and expression. Correct ear carriage. Excellent neck and shoulder. Good topline and tail set and carriage. Correct angulation front and back. Correct bone. Moved very well. Good coat."


*Puppy class 1st, HP, BOB puppy, BIS2 puppy


Nurmijärvi, Farkkushow 2006 - 11.6.2006


Judge: Grant Carter, Great Britain


"6 month bitch of good breed type and good size. Balanced in head. Good eye and ears. Needs to develop in skull. Elegant neck. Good shoulder and forechest. Balanced in body. Good topline and tailset. Nice hindquarters. Moved well in profile. Needs to tighten in front. Good feet and bone."


*Puppy class 1st HP BIS-PUPPY