Welcome to Yuzak┤s!

Salukis have been a precious part of my life since 1993. Prefix Yuzak, meaning a small cheetah in Persian and still used referring to hunting salukis, was granted me in 2008.

Kennel Yuzak, located in the countryside in southern Finland, has puppies when a need arises - that means I don┤t do combinations I┤m not planning to keep a pup or two myself. First Yuzak litter was born in 2009 (S-litter), second in 2014 (A-litter). Lure coursing, pack coursing and especially racing are our passion. Outside racing season we used to do agility, rally-obedience and nose work, but hiking together is what we love the most.

Third Yuzak litter is planned in 2023-24.

Kennel Yuzak

Pirjo Puttonen, Askola, Huuvari, Finland

bedaramira at gmail.com