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What is Sloughi?


"By demeanour, by delicacy of tissue and by muscular leanness, his general appearance is that of a very racy and elegant dog. Although noble and haughty, he is very attached to his master and defends him in case of need. With an instinct of hunter, capable of sustained effort, he also appreciates the home conforts."


(Extract of the FCI Sloughi breed standard.)


It is said that the Sloughi's character reminds a lot of that of his cousin, the Saluki . The Sloughi is independent and when mature, is reserved towards strangers but still bonding strongly to his family. The Sloughi is also good with children, as long as he can be left alone when needed.


From about 6 months to 2 years of age Sloughis can be very active and full of energy. With sufficient exercise (about 2-3 hours per day) activating the dog's mind, the Sloughi doesn't have the time to do mischief. Being able to run free in a safe place (forests and fields away from traffic and dog parks) helps to wear out that excessive energy. Sloughis calm down a lot after they are about 2-3 years of age. A Sloughi puppy needs to get used to being home alone after short periods of absence. It helps if the dog has the company of other dogs.


The Sloughi is also suitable as a companion of other breeds. My parents have a Caucasian Ovcharka, and they get along well. Ujo's big wagging white tail is sometimes so enticing for Jesse to catch, and Ujo is patient and does not mind! Some Sloughi males don't care about the company of other males. Our Sloughi rather runs away than starts a fight!


It is useful to get the Sloughi familiar with different kind of people, places, busses, trains ect. It's useful if one wants to take part in different activities with the Sloughi. As an owner and servant for a Sloughi, a patient person who appreciates its beauty and proud character is the best. The Sloughi is not a working dog, although it can be trained as any other breed to obedience. Still, it is useless to call a Sloughi back when chasing a rabbit.


In my opinion, the Sloughi is not the right breed of dog for people who are harsh, heavy-handed and want instant obedience.


The Sloughi will submit, but doesn't want anything to do with that kind of person. He will start to detest and fear people like that. Of course a Sloughi has to have limits and needs to know what he can and cannot do, but usually a strict "no" is enough.