The Breeder:

Since childhood I've always been surrounded by animals and specially dogs. When I moved away from my childhood home I could finally have the saluki I had always admired, Julia. I hoped to breed this breed since it has always interested me enormously. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use Julia for breeding for she had a serious womb infection and she had to be sterilized.

We happened to get acquainted with a small red pharaoh hound boy with Julia and we fell totally in love! In May 2004 a pharaoh hound baby girl Ruu came into our home and family from the north. Soon this dog and the breed conquered me completely and in the future I will concentrate on living in the wonderful world of pharaoh hounds.

Our home is enrichened by our two pharaoh hound females: FIN EST CH Northgate´s Ray of Sunshine or Ruu and Xemxija Clueless at Pareesa or Ella . More info, pictures and results can be found behind the links at their own pages.

I got my prefix Pareesa in July 2003. Pareesa is an ancient Persian word and it means "like a fairy". I originally applied for this name thinking of salukis because I always thought that a saluki running, jumping and galloping in the field gave me a supernatural feeling, like fairies do! The pharaoh hound may not give as an etheric influence but it has the timeless mysticism in its gaze and its appearance reminds us from the ancient animal gods.

I am a member of the Finnish kennel club, the Finnish sighthound club, the Finnish pharaoh and ibizan hound club, The Swedish Pharaoh hound club, Helsinki sighthound club and the Finnish dog breeder´s club. I am a Finnish kennel club contract breeder and a member of our breed clubs board and breeding board.

My Principles:

I plan each litter carefully and with the future in mind. I strive to get the dogs I´ve bred to the quality and standard where I´d love to take one into my family as well. Also I´ll try to avoid too close breeding in a breed that is already tightly bred.

When planning each litter one of the main principles is that each dog is first and foremost a family member and after that a show dog or a coursing hound. The puppy, and the adult dog, should before all be healthy - physically and mentally. A beautiful outline and scores of titles are just the good bonus on top! The importance of good temperament and health is emphasized with the fact that the appearance of the dog is “useful” to the dog for maybe ten days a year but the owner has to live with the dog for 365 days a year.

Sighthounds in general are very healthy dogs but you must keep in mind that the breed which has been examined least has the least amount of defects! That is why I think it is important to search and also test the very nature and health of the dogs used for breeding. I strongly feel that it is possible to find a dog where everything just "clicks", even if I had to leave my own dog unused. Kennel blindness, as we call it, is probably the worst thing one can do to a breed!

These are the main principles behind which I try to stand. The very aim is to breed healthy, good-natured and beautiful sighthounds that are just as comfortable with lying on the sofa, being in the show ring or running in the field.


photographer: Mirka Juntunen