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Northgate's Ray of Sunshine in September 2005

Mustiala, Farkkushow 2007 - 8.7.2007


Judge: Anna Larsson, Sweden


"A very nice bitch. Good head. Beautiful ears. Beautiful neck. Good shouders and upper arm. Good ribcage. Good back, a bit round at croup. Good hind angulations. Moves well from every direction."


*Champion class not placed


Nurmijärvi, Farkkushow 2006 - 11.6.2006


Judge: Grant Carter, Great Britain


"2 years old bitch who has a beatiful outline. Very balanced and excellent breed type. Lovely head. Sweet expression. Clean arched neck. Adequate shoulder. Good depht of chest with correct tuck type. Nice hinsquarters. Good tail lenght. Moved well in profile. A little loose at elbows. Nice feet and pastern."


*Champion class 4th HP

*Best brace with Farao Anubis Ikaros


Helsinki Aptus show INT - 20.5.2006

Judge: Zola Rawson, Great Britain

"Slightly masculine. Would prefer less white on the chest and neck. Good depth of brisket. Strong hindquarters. Good topline. Would prefer tighter feet. Moved all over the place."

*Champion class Very Good 2nd

Lahti INT - 23.4.2006

Judge: Manuel Loureiro Borges, Portugal

"Excellent type. Very nice head and expression. Very feminine and elegant. Excellent neck and topline. Good front. Excellent ribcage. Very well angulated. Nice mover."

*Open class excellent 1st BB1, BOS, CC, CACIB, BIG3, FINT & EST CH


Tallinn INT show - 12.2.2006

Judge: Per Iversen, Norway

"Very nice bitch, well made. Pleasing head, excellent ears, very good reach of neck. Well made body and top line, very good bone. Moving freely. Needs a bit of more training to gain total confidence."

*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB1, BOS, CC, CACIB

Helsinki Nordic winner 2005 – 18.12.2005

Judge: Leila Kärkäs, Finland

”Big, a bitch of very good type and with a good beautiful head. Beautiful neck and topline. Scarce front angulations and a strongly tucked up lower line. Good rear and tail. Moves with a good efficient step. Beautiful coat. Shying handling a bit.”

*Intermediate class excellent 1st BB4, CC


Helsinki Winner 2005 – 17.12.2005

Judge: harry Tast, Finland

“Big, classy lined young bitch with a long beautiful expressioned and lined head. Noble neck, good limb structure. Anyway the movement pattern is not correct; she runs with her back arched and with too high front steps. Needs more confidence with handling.”

*Intermediate class good


Jyväskylä INT – 19.11.2005

Judge: Jean-Louis Grünheid, France

“Excellent type, construction, size, bone. Very nice feminine head. Excellent strong muzzle. Excellent eye, expression, ear set. Neck, chest, topline, angulation, tail, movement, character.”

*Intermediate class excellent 1st.


Finnish Pharaoh & ibizan hound club's Farkkushow - 24.7.2005
Judge: Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland

"Gorgeus beautiful-lined bitch with good proportions. Excellent head. Good ears and expression. Good neck. The shoulder could be more sloping. Good limbs. Excellent body. Well angulated rear. Good tail. Excellent movements in every direction and posture in movement. Good coat quality. Gorgeous character."
* Intermediate class 1st, HP, BB4, BIS-intermediate pharaoh, BIS-head & expression


Vantaa - 23.7.2005
Judge : Espen Engh, Norway

"15 months. Big but very elegant bitch of excellent type and wholesome. Well chiselled head with good parallel lines. Well set and carried ears. Elegant neck. Very moderately angulated in the front. Needs better ending paws. Very good upper and lower lines. Balanced angulations in the rear legs. Excellent coat and colour, a white tail tip. Moves efficiently and with style. On the border of overenthusiasm."
* Junior class excellent 1st, BB2, res-CC


Finnish Sighthound club´s specialty show, Tammela - 9.7.2005
Judge : Per Iversen, Norway

"Quite a big bitch but well made. She looks balanced. Lovely head and big ears. Very good neck, body. Underline is a bit too much tucked up, this will improve in age. Moves freely. Well handled."
* Junior class excellent  1st, BB4, CC


Kotka - 19.6.2005
Judge: Göran Bodegård, Sweden

"Feminine but high. Very beautiful head. Excellent neck. Beautiful lower line. Has suitable mass and body. Typical good paws. Moves excellently. Of fine quality. A very beautiful tail carriage. A particularly beautiful neck line."
* Junior class excellent 1st, BB1, CC, BOB


Helsinki INT Aptus Show 2005 - 21.5.2005
Judge: Saija Juutilainen, Finland

"13 months. Junior with an excellent sex type and suitable bone structure in limbs. Good bite, lower jaw. Neck of beautiful arch but thin. Promising fore chest. Good upper line, beautiful tail. Strong (?) paws. Strong knee angulation. A bit straight shoulder blade. Moves with good posture and length of step but arches its upper line in movement. Beautiful colour and coat. Fine white tail tip. Handled and presents itself well."
* Junior class excellent 3rd 


Lappeenranta - 27.3.2005
Judge: Markku Mähönen, Finland

 "Excellent proportions. Very beautiful silhouette. Expressive head, good ears. Excellent neck and its arch. Good upper and lower lines. Excellent rear. A white marking on the tail. Moves very well for its age. Excellently performing. Extremely promising."
* Junior class excellent 2nd, BB2, res-CC


Tampere INT - 19.3.2005
Judge: Jochen Eberhardt, Germany

"Well handled bitch which needs some exercise to relax in back line, expressive head, complete mouth, excellent expression, beautiful reach of neck, juvenile body, nice bone & feet, handled to her advantage."
* Junior class excellent 1st, BB1, CC, BOS

 Northgate's Ray of Sunshine (on right) in January 2005

Turku INT - 30.1.2005
Judge: Dagmar Kenis-Pordham, Great Britain

"Very classy 10months old bitch puppy, wonderful little showgirl, lovely head and epression. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Moves light and freely."
* Junior class excellent 1st, BB1, CC, BOB

 Northgate's Ray of Sunshine tammikuussa 2005

Helsinki, Winner 2004 - 5.12.2004
Judge: Elina Haapaniemi, Finland

"8 months old, very well showing female puppy of a beautiful type and with a very good shape of head. Good ears. Bite ok. Balancefully angulated. Very good body for its age. Tail of good lenght and with a white tip. A balanced whole."
* 2nd in puppy class, Honorary Prize


Hyvinkää Specialty - 11.7.2004
Judge: Marja Salminen, Finland

"A sure-natured 3 months old female puppy. Good head proportions, quite a lot of loose skin. Good neck, body and limbs. Well angulated both in front and back. Good proportions. Moves well."
* puppy class

Ruu 2nd from left

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