We travelled a long trip to Joensuu INT show today where Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa judged three pharaohs. Ella was BB2 with CC and reserve-CACIB. The BOB bitch was an International champion "waiting to be applied" so it might be that the CACIB will transfer to Ella later on :) A huge thanks to Mirka for her company and all her help!


Ella went to a show in Vantaa today under the Canadian judge Susan Badick and she was first in her class with Very good. The windy weather and an oncoming season might have had something to do with the result but I made it to the ring with her after a long break and we both enjoyed it immensely :)

We are planning some shows, maybe a bit of coursing and health examinations for Ella and a re-examination for Ruu's eyes.


What a busy week behind us! On Sunday night July first our family got an addition in the form of a little baby boy :D He was born at 23.01 and he was 50 centimeters tall and weighed 3950 grams.

On Saturday 7.7. the girls took part in a lure coursing race at Mustiala grounds in Tammela. Ruu was fourth with CQ with total points of 461 and Ella was sixth with CQ with total points of 453.

The same place was where our Pharaoh hound clubs open show "Farkkushow" was held in on Sunday 8.7. The judge was Anna Larsson form Sweden. Ella won the intermediate class with HP and she was BIS intermediate pharaoh. Ruu competed in the champion class with 10 other bitches and she wasn't placed this time. The judge picked Ella into the BIS movement and BIS head and expression and Ruu to the judge's favourite ring but no placements there for our girls either.


Today at Karjaa show under judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti Ella was first in intermediate class with very good.


Ruu and Ella had their first test runs yesterday towards a racing licence at Tuomarinkartano, Helsinki. Both girls got an approved solo run :)


Ella was at the Kotka international show today with three other pharaohs under judge Kirsti Louhi. The little lady received her first Finnish best of breed, another CC and her first cacib! In the group rings her teenage buzz hit her again and no placement this time.


Ella entered the Hämeenlinna national show today. The Norwegian judge Britt Schone Brodwall had three pharaoh bitches in her ring and and Ella was BB2 with her fifth Finnish CC! A big thanks to her handler Jessica once again :)  


We took some photographs of Ruu and Ella yesterday with the help of photographer Antti Aitta. New pictures can be found on the girls own pages and on the main page.


Today at the Estonian winner show Ella was BB3 with RESERVE CACIB under judge Donovan Thompson.


Ella headed towards Estonia yesterday with my friends to enter a group show on Saturday and the Estonian Winner show on Sunday. Today at the group show judge Raisa Savander made her BOB with a CC with an outstanding critique! A great thanks to Jessica for handling her :)


Ella took part in Aptus INT show in Helsinki today with 9 other pharaohs under judge Tuula Savolainen. She was handled by Jessica Friberg for the first time in official classes and they'll be performing together in the summer in Finland and a bit abroad as well. Ella won the intermediate class with excellent and was BB4 with reserve CC and reserve CACIB :)

Jessica and Ella have enterered two unofficial match shows as practise earlier and they were placed second and fourth among the "blue ribbons".


Some new pictures of Ella on her page and main page. Photographed by Sari Mattero and myself. Handled by myself, Sari Mattero and Jessica Friberg. Thanks to you for your help!


We attended Lahti INT dog show with Ella yesterday under sighthound breeder Saija Juutilainen. There were 17 pharaohs in the ring and 11 of them bitches. Ella was first in intermediate class with excellent and got a fine critique from a strict judge. The critique can be read at Ella's show results page as always. In the Best Bitch ring fun took over our little rascal and she was cut fift and we just "missed" a BB placement.

Thank you again Sari for handling her excellently!


We went to Lappeenranta show today with Ella where judge Leni Nousiainen had four pharaohs to evaluate. Ella was 1st in intermediate class, BB2 and got her fourth CC! Sari, who has now become Ella's regular handler, presented her once again with style :)  


A new picture of Ella from Tampere added. A thanks to the photographer Laura Wuori!


Ella has entered two shows since the beginning of the year, Turku INT under Jarmo Vuorinen in January where she was first in junior class with excellent. The little miss behaved and showed herself very well and of course part of the credit goes to her handler Sari as well ;)

Today Ella attended Tampere INT where the French judge Jean Luis Brassat Lapeyriere had 16 pharaohs to judge. Ella participated from the intermediate class for the first time and ended up being BB3 with her third CC! So an excellent day altogether!!

We have moved so notice the new address ;) 


I haven't updated the pages in a while due to computer problems... We have attended two shows with Ella in the meantime: at Jyväskylä Christian Vantu gave her her second CC and at the Winner 2006 show judge Espen Engh placed her third in class with a VG but with good critiques. Ella's season began the day before and it might have interrupted and disturbed her showing a bit...

Again we were thrilled to have as our guest Ms Maria Westman from Sweden with her gorgeaus Plupp and Blondie for the Winner show. Plupp took home the prizes once again being BOB and Blondie was BB2 and became a new Finnish champion - congratulations! :)

Updated Ella's own page and her show results.


30.9. Ruu attended a lure coursing race and she was 6th out of 12 with 218 points.


Ella entered the official classes at Helsinki show 3.9. under Torbjörn Skaar. She was first in junior class with excellent, BOB junior, RES-CC and finally BIS3 junior out of 51 dogs!!

10.9. at Porvoo judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa was quite strict on the pharaoh females, only two out of five got excellents. Ella was again first in junior class and BOB junior but this time also BB2 with her first CC :) She made the cut in the final ring again out of a huge entry of dogs but our little girl's concentration didn´t quite reach to the end. 


Ella's appearances in puppy class ended today as BOS puppy under Raouli Kantzou.


Ruu was competing in the Junior handler ring at Helsinki show yesterday with Noora Jyly and they finished third - congratulations!

Ella entered the puppy class today at the same Helsinki show under judge Antti Aarnio and she was again Best of Breed puppy :)